Millionaires Club Slots

In an effort to introduce fame and prestige into some of the most popular gambling games of all time, Cryptologic has developed a new line of slots heroeslot.com known as Millionaires Club Slot Machines. There are three different variants of the machines from which players can choose.

The First Millionaires Club

The first set of Millionaires Club Slots sports a classic three-reel single payline format that many players have grown to love. The symbols players must line up are all indicative of fame and fortune; diamonds, bracelets, expensive cars, and solid gold objects all make their appearances. When three symbols line up, players win a payout, except for in the case of diamonds even a single diamond can result in a payout. When the Millionaires Club logo appears on the screen, players are given the opportunity to take a shot at winning the huge progressive blackjack jackpot.

Millionaires Club Slot Machines II

With the original Millionaires Club Slotsbeing a sensational hit, Cryptologic eventually released another installment of this gaming suite known as Millionaires Club Slot Machines II. Instead of the classic three-reel slots, these games featured five reels and as many as nine different paylines. Though the symbols are still synonymous with expensive objects, the graphics are even better and new symbols like wristwatches and yachts add to the excitement.

Millionaires Club Slot Machines III

There is no denying that Cryptologic Online Casino certainly achieved success with its two Millionaires Club offerings and the internet software provider is now set to release its third installment of the trilogy Millionaires Club Slot Machines III. The number one defining feature in this installment will be stunning 3D graphics and all-new symbols that represent winnings and chances at the progressive jackpot.

All in all, Cryptologic's Millionaires Club Slots have been the pride and joy of the company for the last several years. With the launch of the newest edition of the game, players can expect an all-new storyline and even more ways to win.