Early Slot Machines

When people think of slot machines gambling games today, they often think of the glitzy and technologically enhanced versions found in major Las Vegas casinos. These contemporary slot machines, however, have made great strides in recent years, setting them apart from their earliest iterations.

The Inventors

Slot machines heroeslot.com became popular in casinos in the 1930s, but they were actually invented long before that. Still, there is some disagreement as to who, exactly, should be considered the mastermind behind slot machines. Some believe it was Charles Fey, while others claim it was 19th-century inventing team Pitt and Sittman. Pitt and Sittman did not invent the slot machine as it appears today but did design a game that so closely resembles the current version that it is often seen as an early model.

The Pitt and Sittman Model

The early slots game machine model was actually a variation on a poker game. This version spun cards around instead of pictures, and players aimed to turn up the same hands that are considered high-scoring in poker (such as a royal flush). The price was five cents a spin, but the machine itself did not dispense winnings--this was left up to the establishment in which the machine was located.

Obviously, high-tech online casino slot machines are quite different from these early models, which now seem archaic. Nevertheless, the fundamental principles of the game to play have remained the same for years, and it is little wonder why--the exhilarating chance of winning money through nothing more than a lucky spin is appealing to anyone who likes the thrill of a gamble.